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A curious mindset can take you places!

What sort of future do we want for ourselves and future generations?  

An archive of published work.

Lessons Strictly Could Teach the World


Lessons Strictly Could Teach the World

Great ballroom dancing inspires and captivates nations.  But what has this got to do with sustainability? 


It's Time to Make Space
for a Better Way of Life

The refreshing art of decluttering! 


Here's why it's good for you - and could be good for the planet!

The refreshing art of decluttering.


It's Clear We All Must Do What We Can

Choosing to pull on wellies rather than slippers brings new insights and understandings as the day unfolds on a coastal litter-pick.

Beach clean litterpick


What a Wonderful Workout

Volunteering with the RSPB is great for conservation of course, but what about the volunteers themselves?

This article explores what other benefits may be in it for those who accept the challenge.

RSPB Volunteering Brochure 2017
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