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About Me

Hello, I'm Laura, the Strictly Sustainable Writer.

I believe that, collectively, we'll get what we deserve.  

Therefore let's work to make our future positive and sustainable.

Join me?

I've loved writing since I was a little girl, and grew up influenced by grandparents who were ahead of their time in their approach to supporting the environment, and animal care.  

Although, at age 9, my teacher predicted I would write, I also believe that in order to write, first you must live.

So I have studied, travelled, explored, and generally worked hard to listen to, and understand the world around me.  

Now I'm ready, again, to write.


Here are the qualifications and experience which will underpin my work for you:

MSc Health Psychology (UCLan)

BSc Psychology major (Edinburgh)

Environmental understanding through significant practical hands-on work

(RSPB, National Trust, Groundwork,  REMPART - France, and more)


Writing about health and environmental issues for publication

Photo credit: Ginny Koppenhol Photography  @ginnykopmusic

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