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Working with me


Great.  Now that we're working together, here's what I need from you, and what you can expect to receive from me. 

Copywriter's brief

Once we have agreed to work together I will need some key information from you.

This is known as ‘a copywriter’s brief’. 

A good one is clear, informative, comprehensive and succinct. 

Your writer wants to write great copy for you – it’s what we love to do – so make it easy by providing this form as fully as possible.


Your brand

If you are unclear on your key marketing information (brand/USP/brand mission) you can download and complete the following document. 


The Process

Your three week content creation window will contain these stages:

1. Align understanding between client and copywriter.

This can be done through an initial meeting where I will listen on a deep level for your key messages, and determine how to create the correct vehicle to get them where they need to be.

2. Gather and include all necessary and desirable information.

We will agree on the best way to do this by research including conversation for example, and/or other means such as experiencing your product or service. 

3. Say it in the best way.

  • I will send you a series of proofs for your comments and feedback.

  • Think of first proof as the starting point in an ongoing and iterative conversation to get your copy to where you want it to be.   

  • Often the first drafts will be a drawing together of all of the relevant information to be included in the piece, and  aligning our understanding of the form the piece is to take. 

  • Once the parameters of the copy are clear, later drafts will develop a presentation style to suit the client message culminating in a final draft. 

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